McLeod Insights

with Robert Bowen, CTB

Conversations with veterans of the transportation industry.

About The Show

McLeod Insights is an interview-based podcast that supports transportation and logistics business owners by providing them with insightful and interesting transportation intelligence that directly relates to how they run their business. This show will feature conversations with longtime industry veterans who are now team members at McLeod Software, alongside other industry thought leaders. Our goal is to support and empower our customers by helping them learn about proven ideas and best practices that will have a positive impact on how they run their companies.

Upcoming Episodes

  • 8/24 – Mining Your Contacts
  • 9/14 – Recognizing Seasonal Freight, Market Trends
  • 10/5 – Using KPI’s to Reduce Driver Turnover

Podcast Episodes

09: Best Practices for Dispatch Operations

In our latest episode of McLeod Insights, we sat down with McLeod Customer Advocate, Thorny Embly, to discuss how trucking companies can capitalize on their technology investment to best serve their customers and improve their overall business processes. 


Blog Posts

Analyzing Profitability

The latest episode of McLeod Insights features Jody Farley and Mike Masteller, team members here at McLeod Software. We discussed the importance of analyzing profitability

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Acting on Your Data

In this episode, we sit down with Criss Wilson, Data Scientist at McLeod to talk about key data points that companies should recognize in their

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